How to restring a hoodie in 30 seconds

You know that old, worn-out hoodie in your closet that needs new strings? We show you how to restring it in just 30 seconds – and make it look as good as new! There is no need to search the internet for complicated instructions or buy expensive tools. Believe it or not, Just this can be done easily with some straw and a stapler! This method is suitable for all pull over hoodie.

The first step is that you need to pull some drawstrings and insert the end of straw. Make sure that 1-2 cm drawstring in the straw, then you use the stapler to fix the drawstring inside straw. it secure the straw with a few staples, since it won’t come apart while you pull on it.

insert drawstring into straw
fix the drawstring

The second step is that you feed drawstring through the eyelet of hoodie and gently push it through the fabric of pull-over hoodie. Then, you will cover so much ground, faster. Finally, you just remove the staple from straw. Congraduation! Your hoodie will have a new drawstring. And there you have it – your new hoodie string in less than 30 seconds!

through drawstring
push straw into hood
push straw into hood again
remove staple from straw hoodie

By following these simple steps, restringing your hoodie has never been easier or faster. No need for complicated instructions or expensive tools – just some straw and a stapler! This hassle-free method will ensure that your hoodie looks as good as new in just 30 seconds. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show off your newly restrung hoodie with style!

I think straw method is best method to restring for hoodie. But someone could think safety pin method is best. In my view, these two methods are suit for different types of hoodies. For example, safety pin method is best for hoodies with small eyelets and thin strings with no aglets.  But it could spend more time across the hood even safety pin stuck in hood’s eyelet. In conclusion, straw method which is best for hoodies with large, grommeted eyelets and thicker strings and safety pin method which is best for hoodies with small eyelets and thin strings with no aglets.